Where are situated the land of Quintas do Campo?

In Cape Verde, Santiago Island, municipality of São Domingos, in Sopra Bolo (near the Portal and Milho Branco villages). 15 km away from the international Praia Airport, 7 km far from S. Francisco beach, 6 km far from the Vale da Custa (Sambala Resort) and 2 km far from the Portal village and around other fantastic beaches – the Mola Mola and Baixo Beach


The price is per sqm (m2)?

No, the price is per plot, the values presented are equivalent to the area of the chosen parcel, in most case approximately 1,000 m2 each.


Why there is a price variation of the plots?

Prices differ because there are greater or lesser ease of access to plot, as well as the slope of the terrain. Most higher values are from more plan plots.


Are the plots urbanized?

The plots have the basic infrastructure, they have already the streets, sidewalks and parking lots, planned and marked, as well all plots defined are marked and numbered with cement balusters.


And about water and electricity?

No, but it is about 2 km in Portal village, if that is the decision of the owners they can share the expenses to electricity and water companies access. But they may also have access to water artesian bore and electricity from renewable production.


It is possible to construct?

Yes, and if you want, immediately. The construction index assigned by the PDM of the Câmara Municipal de São Domingos is 22.5%. Which means that in a plot of 1,000 sqm(m2) you can build, 225 sqm (m2) of covered area.


What can be built?

You can build a dwelling house, a warehouse, a wine cellar, a barn, etc.


I have to build it, right away?

You can build anytime there is no mandatory deadline. Is always necessary to present a project plan to the Municipality of São Domingos. Only after they issued the corresponding permit you have 1 (one) year to build your project.


What is a PDM-Municipal Director Plan

A Municipal Director Plan (PDM) is a municipal plan which obliges owners of plots to do the project for the construction, according to what is approved by the Municipality, which in this case is 22.5% of the plot area.


What is Agro-Silvo-Pastoral?

It is a zone that is scheduled and approved by the municipality of São Domingos, for pastoralism, farm, livestock, housing, commerce and leisure, being required that owners of the plots, when they wish to build, they have to present the project plan to build to the Municipality of São Domingos, for analysis and assessment.


I have to make agriculture or have animals on the bought?

No, only if you so desired.


The project seems very dense how many plots are?

Seeing the plant may appear to have a great density, but locally is not dense, because the plots have the average size of 1,000 sqm (m2). In the first phase we have about 356 plots and more 326 plots, in 2nd phase. For those who enjoy more privacy, we have plots more distant, larger and higher, with great views of sea and mountains. Surely you will find yourself a solution within your taste.