Phase 1

Cabo Verde


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Phase 1





Plots (small farms) with an approximate area of 1000 sq m, on the island of Santiago in the municipality of São Domingos.


Located 15Km far from Praia International Airport, 7km far from the beach of São Franciso, 6km far from Vale da Custa (near Sambala Resort) and 2km far from Portal village and other fantastic beaches – the Baixo beach and Moia Moia beach.


Well located properties with good access to the area


1. The sale of plots is held by public deed in the Praia Notary Office, to make the detach (highlight) of the property, with confrontations, areas and numbers of each parcel, free from any mortgage or occupations.

The land is part of the subdivision (Quintas do Campo) with approximately 650 plots of 1000 sqm, divided into two (2) phases.

The plots of land are clearly marked with milestones in cement and numbered, with wide streets, sidewalks, parking lots, green areas and other, all on unpaved (maquedame). The rest of the infrastructure when needed should be determined and borne by all owners.


2. The supply of water and electricity in the area is 2km far at Portal village. When there are some buildings and wish to supply electricity, is cheaper if the station is divided by all. To water can be allowed a collective hole or any other alternative owners decide.


3. If you want to acquire one of the plots and can not travel to Cape Verde, we have a legal, safe and honest way to permit to execute the deed and the registration form on behalf of the buyer. All documentation is in order to be able to notarizethe land.


4. The plots (Quintas do Campo) have a favorable opinion of the Municipality of São Domingos, were can be built up to 20% of the plot, respecting the Urban Development Plan zone, which is Agro-Silvo-Pastoril.


What is Agro-Silvo-Pastoril?


It is an area that is planned and approved by the Municipality of São Domingos, for grazing, farming, ranching, residential, retail and leisure, being mandatory that plots owners, when they want to build, have to submit the construction project the House of São Domingos, for analysis and assessment, as the Urban Development Plan zone


5. From this point we start selling of phase 1.

That given the morphology, character, location and accessibility conditions (with better or worse access) of each plot, they will have different prices, to consult the price list click here.


Other expenditures related with purchase (approximated values):

Scripture – € 270.00 – 29.700$ 00

Conservatory Land Registry – € 320.00 – 35.200$ 00

IUP (Sisa) -1 .5% of purchase price


6. There are no existence on Santiago Island of plots of land with 1000 sqm for sale at prices as low as those of the Quintas do Campo, despite having only basic infrastructures. It was impossible to keep these prices with the global infrastructure of an complete urbanization.

Investing in land at low price, its profitability, and your profit will be higher than in banking investments, or term deposits, bank products or stock exchange activities. Please analyze very well all risks.

The world population is growing every day, but the land does not grow.

 The values listed for sale may be changed without notice, but we satisfy all reserves within the given deadline.


Plots Sold